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Business consulting

I help artists and small business owners find and optimize the voice behind their mission. I help corporate employees confidently express themselves in the workplace. No matter the size of your biz, I’ll ask you the tough (and fun!) questions to help lift your idea off the ground.

creatives, small businesses, corporate & nonprofits.

Starting and running a business can be hard

I know- I do it daily. I've been a small business owner and worked as an employee at both small and large organizations, so I know how important it is to build systems of happiness for yourself and those around you. 

Through Innovative Performance, I help leaders across industries take care of their voices so that they can create better stories. 

My time in Seth Godin’s altMBA program allowed me to develop my coaching skills, and through volunteering at the altMBA coaching desk and tag teaming Peter Shepherd’s The Herd, I learned to coach people doing projects that make them come alive.


meet my...

Performance Coaching

for Creatives

A personalized consulting solution for any of your business's struggles, from organization, to messaging, to networking, and more.

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Curious what we can do together?

I can help you: 

Discover your unique voice and transferable skills

spriuk and pitch copywriting

Edit website copy

Build client relationships

Keynote, workshop, and meeting preparation and performance

StreamlinE and clarify business offerings, practices & policies

Optimize resume language


Engage specific, direct language and consumer messaging

PromotE your message and connect with those who need what you have to give

Business Consulting

for Creatives

Are you an artist looking to expand your storytelling potential on and off-stage by tapping into new mediums, markets, and skills? Do you want to quit your “survival job” and build yourself a flexible, fulfilling life? In this post-pandemic theatre world, are you itching to expand your artistic output outside of self-tape requests? 

For the artist or creative looking to start something new, expand their offerings, make an impact, and stop living the feast-to-famine life.

i need this one

this is for you if:

- You have an idea but don't know where to start
- You're afraid of compromising your performance career by exploring something in tandem
- You want to maximize performance opportunities by creating your own, connecting with the right people, and learning to pitch yourself
- You want to invest more time and energy in leveling up your performance career

Business Consulting

for Small Biz

Are you a small biz owner interested in taking your passion project to the next level? Are you interested in striking a better balance between your business and your performance career, or your business and your personal life?

For the small business or startup looking to better market their offers, connect with the people who need what they sell, or organize stuff on the backend.

i need this one

this is for you if:

- You want to streamline behind-the-scenes operations
- You want to balance a performance career and small biz ownership
- You want to increase client outreach 
- You want to clarify your offerings and/or your company voice

Keynote Speaking

for Corporate & Non-Profits

Are you an organization hoping to facilitate an engaging and outside of the box workshop for your team mates? Do you want to increase output while supporting employee growth and happiness? 

For the forward-thinking organization  looking to bring a creative perspective to your office or team's performance. I give keynotes on a multitude of topics.

i need this one

this is for you if:

- Your Employee Resource Groups are looking for a fresh perspective on workplace performance and connection
- You want to energize client relations and communication
- You want to hold a wellness session for your staff that isn't yoga or meditation 
- You want to bring Broadway style performance to your corporate meeting room

keynote, Workshop, panel moderation, and coaching clients include:

As a newer solopreneur, I was grateful for Jenna's insights on my first storytelling workshop. With her unrivaled wit and generous feedback, I built a dynamic workshop that helped me show up as myself and communicate my ideas to an audience that had previously been unfamiliar to me. I couldn't recommend Jenna P. more highly! 

"Thanks to Jenna, I navigated a challenge that has moved my business forward in a            way.


Johann George  |   Founder of Look For The Human

She's generous, incredibly insightful, inspiring, and hilarious! She will help you find the things within you to help achieve your business goals and thrive. And hey, she'll also pass down some delicious baking recipes and tips too while you're at it.

"You're in                          with Jenna; she knows her stuff!

good hands

Joanne Javien  |   jj voice studio

After just a brief conversation with Jenna I felt such clarity around how to streamline the administrative work behind Little Graye Bakery. Jenna graciously shared her experience creating Innovative Voice Studio and how she continues to operate, reinvent, and achieve her goals.

"There is                   more magical than women supporting women in business and Jenna is the manifestation of that.


lisa graye   |   Little Graye Bakery

She brings the most amazing mix of ideas and tactical next steps that continues to propel my creative career. If you are looking for someone to give you the push toward greatness you need, Jenna P. is your coach. I 100% guarantee that Jenna P. will make your business, life, and ideas stronger and more exciting than ever. If you find this not to be true, reach out to ME and I will give you a full refund. 

"Working with Jenna P. is a


carly valancy   |   Valence & Co

to me not only in my performing arts career but also in the creation of my own small business. Working with her has given me the confidence to trust my unique voice and vision.

"Jenna has been such a             support and source of knowledge...


Rebecca Ann Correia   |   etude 72

As an artist, I so often work for free. You can’t do that when starting your own business. Having Jenna in my corner to help me understand and package my worth has helped me to shed my self-doubt.

"Her ability to guide with clarity, knowledge, and confidence has been                     


Dana Domenick   |   Tall One Small One Productions

Working with Jenna has been an empowering experience. By guiding me through the organization of my resume and building a business, she gave advice that highlighted my strengths and made me feel like a valuable human being. Jenna is the best. Hire her immediately.

"She helped focus my skill set as a creative into something tangible and                           


Fredi Bernstein   |   Tall One Small One Productions

Here's how it goes down.

contact me

The first step of the process is to slide into my DM's! Say hello here, or email me at jennapastuszek@gmail.com and tell me what's up!

we'll chat about your needs

From there, we'll hop on a quick Zoom or phone call to chat about where you're stuck and how I might be able to help. (And also get to know each other better—there's no reason a biz partnership can't also be a fun one too!)

i'll CreatE a personalized plan

Based on our chat, I'll come up with a personalized plan of action to get the ideas out of your head and into your biz! From there, we'll put the plan into action so that your problems are solved in no time. :) 




the process

Stop waiting for permission from other people to do the things that light you up. 

Together, we can help you create a business and a lifestyle that sparks joy, balances service of others with serving yourself, and connects you to the  people who are meant to see it. All you have to do is hit the button below.

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Check out my comprehensive list of creative resources for a few of my inspo sparking favs. Or, run on over to the blog and get some JennaP advice for free!

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