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Can you even call yourself a storyteller if you aren’t willing to share 

your own


I’ve heard it said that actors
                     have ABOUT pages on their websites. 

Because who cares who you are as long as you can hit the High C and skrelt for days, right?!

Well, after ten plus years pounding pavement in both New York City and Los Angeles, I say, “That ain’t it, kid!”

We are our artistry.


Our artistry is SIMPLY a piece of who we are as human beings.

I work to help others bring their unique, stylized humanity to the artistic playground.

...But I wasn’t always like this.


Growing up in a small suburban town outside of Philadelphia, PA, I spent most of my afternoons making up songs to serenade the trees in my backyard.

It wasn’t until a concerned neighbor came over to ask my mom if she knew that I was doing this and whether or not she had considered putting me into therapy or musical theatre class, that I realized there was a socially acceptable outlet to release my creative passions (...therapy came later). And it came with bright lights, costumes, and an incredible array of talented human beings. Once I found theatre, I never left. It's home. 

In high school, I didn’t believe in myself enough to audition or try to pursue a college degree in performance, so I trained and performed for fun while I studied Elementary Education, French, and History at The University of Virginia. In my final semester, I had a quarter life crisis while reading The BFG to a class of fourth graders. 

By stepping away from performing, I was suddenly able to see how much it mattered. I closed the book and decided to embrace my fears , pivot, and pursue a Masters degree at New York University in my lifelong love: musical theatre.

During the pandemic, I stretched my 

entrepreneurial legs...

... and created work to introduce myself to the people and places I admire. I dove into the world of self-producing by creating, writing, booking, and starring in two one-woman projects celebrating my favorite American idols: Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand.

Invited to present these concerts at prestigious places like Paper Mill Playhouse, Bucks County Playhouse, The Green Room 42, Vitello’s at 54 Below, and more, I’ve been able to support theatres and other organizations in bringing art to life in COVID-friendly environments.

explore judy

explore barbra

Let's collaborate.

Whether you're an artist, an entrepreneur, seeking a career path change, or hiding behind being a perpetual student, I can help you conquer your fears to get out of your own way because I’ve been there. By making friends with my inner critic and choosing risk taking over regret, I now have nothing artistic left to lose.

Time is a wildly valuable resource, so let’s not waste it in “what ifs”. Instead, let's embrace the present moment. My openhearted, honest, dry vulnerability is one of my biggest storytelling strengths. In whatever arena you work, I cannot wait to show up in service of the stories you want to tell.

"Working with Jenna makes everyone happy. She is a ray of sunshine, and her positive energy is infectious and is only overshadowed by her powerhouse voice."

- Matt Silva,
Delaware Theatre Company

Who doesn't love a good podcast?

Podcasts are like the cereal aisle at the grocery store: look hard enough, and you'll find exactly what you're in the mood for. From entrepreneurial leadership, jokes and vocal advice, to mom real talk, I've shared it while the recording light was red. 

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