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Oreos: Breaking Down the Mix


One of the biggest questions I get asked is about the difference between head voice, chest  voice, and a mix. Women, especially, are quick to question the sounds they produce because  they want to classify it. “BUT JENNA! IS THAT A BELT OR A MIX!?” “Does it matter?” is usually  my response, which I’m assuming is maddening to someone attempting to master the art of  vocal production.But it’s a difficult question to answer! it’s more complicated than a one-word  answer! 


Hi, I'm Jenna, and this blog is my

Long story short: My grandma was the wife of an ambassador, and she spent the 60s traveling the world, entertaining leaders in countries like Pakistan, Sweden, the UK, Libya, Indonesia, and more. While serving tomato aspic (IYKYK), she always wore an amazing hat. As a little girl, I grew up playing dress up with her hat collection, and at about five or six years old, legend has it that i turned to her and said: “When you die, will you give me your hats?”

At 100 years young, she’s still alive, but has given me both her physical and metaphorical hat collection because as an artpreneur and teaching artist, I wear many, many hats. This blog is a reflection of that. Come try and few posts on for size! 

hat box.